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Is Probate Required After Any Death?

Is probate required? This is a question that should be asked as part of the estate planning process. It is also a question which will be asked by any person whose loved one has passed away. The probate process is usually necessary after a death and is the process by which a will is validated [ ] The post Is Probate Required After Any Death? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..


Free Report: Is Probate Always Required in Connecticut Protection?

The probate court would not be involved in the transfer. This can sound like a turnkey arrangement, but you have to understand the fact that the person that you add to your title as a joint tenant would own half of the property immediately. As a result, the joint tenant would have to sign off on the sale if you wanted to liquidate the property. Plus, the property could be attached if the joint tenant was to run into legal or financial difficulties. Topics covered in this report include: Payable on Death Accounts Life Insurance Proceeds Property Held in Joint Tenancy Revocable Living Trusts Click here to read the whole article or download the PDF.