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Connecticut Care Facilities Receive National Quality Awards

A Connecticut nursing home planning lawyer helps patients and families to find high quality nursing home care. There are problems with nursing home care in the U.S., with millions of seniors suffering abuse at the hands of paid caregivers. Many nursing homes are understaffed or are staffed by people who don t have proper training. Many [ ] The post Connecticut Care Facilities Receive National Quality Awards appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..


When Will My Heirs Receive Their Inheritances?

You probably want your heirs to receive their inheritances in a timely manner after you pass away. If you feel this way, you should be aware of the facts, because there can be misconceptions. The last will is the most commonly utilized vehicle of asset transfer in the field of estate planning. If you use a last will to facilitate future asset transfers, the heirs to the estate do not receive their inheritances right after you pass away. The will must be admitted to probate, and there is a proving of the will. The probate court examines the will to determine its validity, and the court will ultimately supervise the administration of the estate. This process does not run its course overnight. The exact duration of the process will vary depending on the jurisdiction and the circumstances. An uncomplicated case will typically pass through probate in a little bit under a year. Timely Asset Transfers It is possible to proactively implement probate avoidance strategies. There are a number of