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Is Probate Required After Any Death?

Is probate required? This is a question that should be asked as part of the estate planning process. It is also a question which will be asked by any person whose loved one has passed away. The probate process is usually necessary after a death and is the process by which a will is validated [ ] The post Is Probate Required After Any Death? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..


Am I Eligible for Medicaid?

Am I eligible for Medicaid? This is a question which many people ask because they are in need of nursing home care or Medicaid services. The answer is going to vary depending upon many factors, including your age and income level.  Determining if you are eligible for Medicaid coverage or not is of vital importance [ ] The post Am I Eligible for Medicaid? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..

A Question and Answer Session With an Elder Law Attorney

People sometimes procrastinate about certain responsibilities, and they fail to take action because they do not really know how they should proceed. This enters the picture when it comes to planning ahead for the eventualities of aging. In fairness, when you are going through the different stages of life, your senior years can seem like they are a world away. However, time does fly, and before you know it, matters that are of interest to senior citizens may become quite relevant to you. If you are looking for information about the eventualities that you may face during your elder years, you may want to discuss the future with an elder law attorney. These legal professionals are dedicated to the interests of seniors, and you should certainly act in an informed manner so that you can brace yourself for some of the challenges that elders often face. In this paper, we will provide you with a bit of basic information as we provide a question-and-answer exchange. You can obtain comprehensiv