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Estate Planning: The Simplest Plan is Usually Not the Best

Clients often want the simplest estate planning solution possible. However, the simplest solution is doing nothing. Usually, doing nothing does not result in the desired outcome. The post Estate Planning: The Simplest Plan is Usually Not the Best appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..


How to make a Plan to Protect Your Pets

Elder law attorneys at Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates help you to make plans to protect those who you care about in case something happens to you. It is obviously very important to put a plan in place to provide for your family members in case you become incapacitated or pass away. However, while it s common [ ] The post How to make a Plan to Protect Your Pets appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..

Why You Shouldn’t Borrow Against a Retirement Plan

A financial planning lawyer at Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates can provide you with help in understanding your options for saving for retirement. We assist you with setting goals so you can save enough to achieve financial security during your golden years. We also help you to take steps to understand the different tax-advantaged retirement accounts [ ] The post Why You Shouldn t Borrow Against a Retirement Plan appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..

How Often Should You Update Your Estate Plan?

A Hartford estate planning attorney can help you to make certain that your wishes are respected regarding what happens to your money and your property after your death. Creating an initial estate plan is very important to control your own legacy. However, you may need to adjust your plan as time goes on. An experienced [ ] The post How Often Should You Update Your Estate Plan? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..

Resolve to Plan Your Estate in 2016

We have now entered 2016, and people often take care of things that they have been procrastinating about when they experience a sense of renewal as the calendar turns over. This is a spirit that you may want to extend to the process of estate planning. When you examine the statistics that are compiled regarding the estate planning preparedness of American adults, the results are somewhat mind-boggling when you consider the stakes that are involved. According to an article that is published on Forbes.com, 51 percent of American adults who are between the ages of 55 and 64 have never created last wills. Just 38 percent of people who are between 45 and 54 have drafted last wills. All in all, 64 percent of American adults are going through life without last wills according to the article. Intestacy If you never plan your estate, you will die intestate. After your passing the probate court would step in, and the court would name a personal representative to act as the estate administrator.

Top Three Reasons to Plan Your Estate

The studies that have probed into the subject over recent years are all in concurrence: a plurality of American adults do not have the appropriate estate planning documents in place. When you consider the fact that you plan your estate to prepare for an event that is definitely going to happen to each and every one of us, this is a very disturbing trend. Some people fail to take action because they don t understand why estate planning is necessary. In this post, we will look at three compelling reasons why you should put a plan in place if you have been remiss to this point. 1.) An Estate Plan Protects Your Family Usually, when you make advance plans, you are taking action for your own benefit. On the other hand, when you plan your estate, you are devising a framework that will protect your family in the event of your passing. Everyone knows that older people are more likely to pass away than their younger counterparts, but there are no guarantees. When you become a self-supporting ad

Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney?

A well-constructed estate plan will be comprehensive in nature. Everyone is aware of the fact that you have to facilitate asset transfers when you put an estate plan in place, but you should also account for end-of-life issues. This is often done through the creation of documents called durable powers of attorney. Incapacity Planning When you think about your retirement years, some good times may enter your imagination, and your retirement years can be quite rewarding if you plan ahead effectively. At the same time, as difficult as it may be to consider, a very significant percentage of elders become unable to make sound decisions at some point in time. There are various different causes of incapacity. People sometimes become unable to communicate when they are experiencing physical decline, and there is also mental incapacitation. Alzheimer s disease is all too common among the oldest old. This disease strikes over 40 percent of people who are at least 85, and it is likely that you w