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What are the Steps to Hartford Probate?

Hartford probate is a process which must take place after most deaths. The process can be a complicated one, especially if there are questions about who should inherit or about whether a will is valid. The executor, if one was named, is going to be in charge of moving the estate through the probate process [ ] The post What are the Steps to Hartford Probate? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..

Are Your Durable Powers of Attorney in Place?

Sometimes an individual wants to empower another person to act on his or her behalf in a legally binding manner. There are various different reasons why this dynamic may be in place, and the situation can be addressed through the creation of a legally binding document called a power of attorney. To provide a simple overview, the person who is granting this power to another is called the principal or the grantor. The individual who is going to be empowered to make decisions on behalf of the grantor is called the agent or attorney-in-fact. Don t be thrown by the term attorney-in-fact. The person who is going to act as the grantor s representative does not have to be a lawyer. Any adult of sound mind who is willing to act as the agent can do so. There are different types of powers of attorney. A general power of attorney could be used to give the agent broad latitude. The agent would have sweeping power to enter into most types of legally binding agreements on behalf of grantor. This is

Are Your Advance Directives in Place?

Incapacity planning is part of the equation if you want to be comprehensively prepared for the eventualities of aging. Many people become unable to communicate medical decisions at the end of their lives, and you can account for this through the creation of legal documents called advance directives for health care. Life Support During our modern era, medical professionals can sometimes use artificial life-sustaining measures to keep terminal patients alive for indefinite periods of time. Exactly how you would want doctors to proceed under these circumstances is a personal matter. Some people would rather let nature take its course under these circumstances. You can state your preferences with regard to the utilization of life-sustaining measures in no uncertain terms if you create a living will. Once this document has been properly executed, everyone in your family will know your true wishes, and doctors would be legally compelled to follow your instructions. Durable Power of Attorney