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Is There a National Organization of Elder Law Attorneys?

Elder law is a very important legal specialty right now. This is the area of the law that specifically focuses on senior issues. Why is elder law particularly relevant at the present time? An unprecedented aging of the population is underway, and many people who are approaching their senior years have legal questions. It would be wise to discuss your future with an elder law attorney if you are concerned about the eventualities of aging. There are a number of pressing elder law issues during our current era, and you should take steps to prepare yourself. Long-Term Care Expenses A government agency tells us that seven out of every 10 people who are reaching the age of 65 at the present time will someday need long-term care. Living assistance is very expensive, with the average annual charge for a private room in a nursing home in Connecticut exceeding $100,000. The average length of stay is over two years, and 10 percent of seniors in nursing homes remain in the facilities for at least