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Is Probate a Lengthy Process?

There are some myths that circulate with regard to estate planning and last wills. Most people have heard of the role of the executor. An executor is someone who handles the administration of the estate after an individual passes away. Many people assume that there is a reading of the will, and after it is read among family members, the executor can distribute assets more or less immediately. In reality, things do not work in this manner. There is a legal process called probate that enters the picture. The estate executor would be required to admit the will to probate under state laws. It would be up to the probate court to supervise the administration of the estate. The will would be examined to determine its validity, and the executor would be required to notify creditors. They would be given a certain amount of time to come forward. Ultimately, the executor would prepare the assets for distribution among the heirs in accordance with the wishes of the decedent. If you think about it