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What Special Legal Issues Do You Face with a Large Estate?

Estate planning lawyers at Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates help clients with estates of all sizes. Estate planning is not only important for people with lots of wealth, so we help people with a wide array of different net worths to make estate plans that make sense for their situation.  While you need an estate plan [ ] The post What Special Legal Issues Do You Face with a Large Estate? appeared first on Nirenstein, Horowitz & Associates P.C..


Connecticut Probate: Is There Any Way Around It?

Probate is a legal process that enters the picture if you have property in your sole and direct personal possession at the time of your death. During probate the probate court determines the validity of the will, and the court supervises the administration of the estate. Inheritances are not distributed until after the estate has been probated. The process provides certain protections, but the heirs to the estate may experience some negatives while the estate is being probated. One of them is the time factor. The process can run its course in a little bit less than a year under ideal circumstances. This can be a significant length of time when you are waiting for an inheritance. More complicated cases can take much longer. Cost is another consideration. There are a number of different expenses that can accumulate during the probate process. A third drawback is the loss of privacy. Anyone who wants to know how you distributed your assets can access probate records. Connecticut Probate