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Inheritance Planning Decisions Can Lead to Family Feuds

Inheritance planning can involve a great deal of soul-searching. Of course there are technical details that must be addressed, and this is an important piece of the puzzle. At the same time, there are also very personal considerations that can enter the equation when you are engaged in your inheritance planning efforts. Unfortunately, you may not get along with everyone in your family, and you could harbor hard feelings toward certain individuals who would logically be in line for inheritances. Since you will not be around to experience the fallout, you may be tempted to send messages when you are deciding how much (if anything) you want to pass along to these family members. Without question, you have the right to do anything that you want to do with your resources. However, you may want to consider the dynamic that could be left behind if you know full well that your inheritance planning decisions will not sit well with some people. Estate Challenges If you use a will to state your