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Inheritance Tax Myth Debunked

Many people have heard of estate taxes, and you may assume that an estate tax and an inheritance tax are the same thing. In fact, these are two different forms of taxation. In this post we will explain exactly who must pay inheritance taxes, and we will also look at the differences between an inheritance tax and an estate tax. Inheritance Tax An inheritance tax is levied on each individual asset transfer. If you named five different nonexempt inheritors in your last will, an inheritance tax could be levied on transfers to each respective heir. The good news is that there is no inheritance tax on the federal level, though there is an estate tax. Most of the states in the union do not impose inheritance taxes either, but there are a few states that do levy state-level inheritance taxes. Our firm practices law in the state of Connecticut, and there is no state-level inheritance tax in our state. For your information, the states that have state-level inheritance taxes are Maryland, Iowa,