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Preserve Benefit Eligibility With Special Needs Planning

If it is done correctly, estate planning will involve careful consideration of the life situation of each inheritor. You should take a personalized approach and make sure that you are providing for each person that you love in the ideal manner. This is especially important if you have someone with a disability on your inheritance list. People with disabilities are clearly going to require health insurance. Most people get health insurance through their jobs, but a significant percentage of people with disabilities cannot work. For these people, Medicaid is a lifesaver. This is a government health insurance program that is available to people who can prove that they have a significant level of financial need. Once you obtain eligibility for Medicaid, your status is not necessarily permanent. If someone who is enrolled in the Medicaid program was to come into some money via an inheritance, eligibility could be forfeited. To address this type of situation, you could create a special need


How Can I Maximize My Social Security Benefit?

We assist clients who are concerned about the eventualities of aging, so we provide retirement planning services along with our elder law and estate planning assistance. Social Security is going to be important for most seniors, so you should understand how you can maximize your benefit. Before we get into the details, we should point out the fact that it is important to understand the limitations of the Social Security program. The average benefit in 2015 is just $1328, and the maximum benefit is a relatively modest $2663 a month. When you consider these figures, you can see why you should develop a retirement nest egg, and additional income sources can also be quite useful. There are three different approaches that you can take to Social Security eligibility. It is possible to accept an early benefit when you are as young as 62 years of age. This can sound enticing, but your early benefit would be between 30 and 35 percent less than your full benefit. The exact amount of the reducti