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Do I Need More That Just a Will?

Some people think about estate planning, and they automatically flash upon a last will. You draw up a last will stating the way that you want your assets to be distributed after you pass away, and you have an estate plan in place. Having a will and only a will may be better than nothing, but there is really more to the process of estate planning. First of all, even if a will is the best choice for you as an asset transfer vehicle, you should consider end-of-life issues. People often become incapacitated late in their lives. There can be physical incapacitation, and there can also be mental incapacitation. Along these lines, Alzheimer s disease is certainly attention-getting. This disease, which causes dementia, strikes about 45 percent of people who have reached the age of 85. Once you attain senior citizen status, it is likely that you will live into your eighties, so this is a potential scenario that everyone should be concerned about. You can prepare for possible incapacity through