Hartford Nursing Homes: Understanding Costs

The Medicaid program is something that you may not think much about if you are not financially needy. This is a jointly run federal/state government program that provides health insurance for people who can prove that they are largely without monetary resources. However, when you start to look ahead toward your senior years, Medicaid may find its way onto your radar. Read on to find out why. Nursing Home Costs The United States Department of Health and Human Services has stated that 70 percent of people reaching the age of 65 are eventually going to need help with their activities of daily living. Approximately 25 percent of people who are at least 85 are residing in nursing homes. Genworth Financial has been conducting an ongoing study that examines the state of long-term care around the United States. They have compiled statistics for every state, and they also have numbers for specific metropolitan areas. We practice law in Hartford, Connecticut. According to the study, in 2015, th


Top Five Reasons to Use a Living Trust

When you are making investments throughout your life, you do not make snap judgments. Clearly, you worked hard for the money that you have to invest, and you want to be sure that you are making the right decisions. This mentality should also be applied to the estate planning process. You would certainly do research before you decide to make an investment, and you should also look into your estate planning options so that you can make the right choices. If you do take some time to examine the estate planning tools that are out there, you may find that a revocable living trust is an appealing choice. These trusts are very effective when certain circumstances exist. Let s look at five reasons why you may want to use a living trust as your primary asset transfer vehicle. 1.) Probate Avoidance A lot of people feel as though a last will is the best estate planning device for people who are not extraordinarily wealthy. In reality, this is not necessarily true. When a will is used, there are

Can an Inheritance Disrupt Medicaid Eligibility?

Estate planning is a personalized endeavor, and it should be viewed as such. The idea that you can simply slice up a pie through the terms of a last will is a shortsighted perspective. There are many different tools in the estate planning toolkit, and you should make the appropriate choices so that everyone that you love is being provided for in the best possible manner. Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income This dynamic is very apparent when it comes to providing for a family member with special needs. Clearly, people with disabilities are going to require care and treatment that can cost a great deal of money. For example, someone with autism will typically accumulate lifetime medical bills that reach the seven figures. When you are looking at health care expenses of this magnitude, health insurance is a very big deal. Most of us get health insurance through our jobs, but people with disabilities are not going to be able to work in many instances. Under these circumstances, Medi