Choosing the Right Revocable Trust Trustee

A trustee is a person or entity who administers a trust. If you utilize a revocable living trust as your assets transfer vehicle, you can act as the trustee while you are alive and well. You can also serve as the beneficiary, so you could receive monetary distributions from the trust throughout your life. This arrangement is comforting to many people, because you do not surrender control of assets that you convey into a revocable trust. You can also revoke the trust entirely if you ever decide that you want to call the whole thing off and take back direct personal control of the assets that you conveyed into the revocable trust. You would be creating the trust as an estate planning tool, so you have to account for the things that will take place after you pass away. When you establish the trust declaration, you name a successor trustee to handle the business of the trust after you pass away. Successor beneficiaries would also be named in this document. A revocable living trust can pro

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