Medicaid Planning and Asset Protection Trusts

When you think about asset protection trusts, the subject of lawsuits may come to mind. There are in fact trusts that can be used to protect assets from legal judgments, but in this blog post, we are going to look at a different form of asset protection. Preserving Your Resources Anyone can be the subject of a lawsuit, but there are some people who are more vulnerable than others. When you evaluate your life circumstances and your financial position, legal actions may not concern you very much. Even if this is the case, asset protection trusts should be on your radar. This is because of the fact that long-term care costs can potentially consume everything that you consider to be your legacy. Why should you be concerned about long-term care costs when you are going to qualify for Medicare when you reach the age of eligibility? It is true that most senior citizens will qualify for Medicare coverage at the age of 65, but this program does not pay for long-term care. Many people question


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