Consider This Estate Tax Strategy for Appreciable Assets

There are certain estate tax efficiency strategies that are particularly viable when favorable circumstances exist. When it comes to transferring appreciable assets at a tax discount, the legal device called a grantor retained annuity trust can be quite useful when federal interest rates are low. Before we get into the details, we should provide some information about the estate tax parameters so that you can determine whether or not you are exposed to the federal death tax. Anything that you transfer to anyone other than your spouse is potentially subject to this tax. Transfers between spouses are not subject to transfer taxes, as long as the people in question are American citizens. When it comes to transfers to others, there is an estate tax exclusion. This is the amount that you can transfer to people other than your spouse free of taxation. Only the portion of your estate that exceeds this amount would be taxable. In 2015, this exclusion stands at $5.45 million. There is a gift t


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