Elder Law Attorneys Are In Demand

Times change, and different eras take on different identities. Right around now, we are experiencing a very interesting phenomenon in the United States. The baby boomer generation is comprised of people who were born between 1946 and 1964. During this postwar interim, an unusual number of babies were born as soldiers returned home. As we sit here in 2016 these people are either at retirement age, or they are approaching retirement age. This is resulting in a rapidly aging population. To put this into perspective, the Social Security Administration is processing around 10,000 applications from newly minted senior citizens every day, and the number is not going to decrease anytime soon. Elder Law Attorneys Legal professionals usually focus on certain specialties. Our firm is dedicated to estate planning and elder law. Elder law attorneys help people prepare for the challenges that they may face toward the end of their lives. Because of the fact that so many people are reaching their sen


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