Is Avoiding Probate Really Necessary?

You may come across mention of the term probate avoidance if you are poking around looking for estate planning information. This can make you wonder if avoiding probate is really necessary. Let s look at the facts, and you can make the final decision. Court Involvement Probate is a legal process, and it takes place under the supervision of a court. There are certain types of asset transfers that would not be subject to the probate process, so assets can sometimes be transferred outside of probate even if there was no particular intention to avoid it. Property that is held in joint tenancy can be transferred outside of probate, and life insurance proceeds would not be subject to the probate process. If you have a bank or a brokerage account, you could add a beneficiary. This is called a payable on death or transfer on death account. Assets in this type of account could be transferred to the beneficiary after your passing outside of probate. The property that would be subject to the pro


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