A Look at Two Asset Protection Structures

Endeavoring to earn a good living is job one when you are a self-supporting adult who is trying to build financial security. At the same time, in the litigious society that we live in, you have to be concerned about protecting what you have earned, because lawsuits are not uncommon. Asset protection is something that you should think about, regardless of what you do for a living. However, there are people who are engaged in certain lines of work who are more vulnerable to legal actions than others. For example, consider the plight of the real estate investor. If you own property that is rented out, a steady stream of people will occupy the property. This is true for residential rentals, but commercial rentals can have a great deal of foot traffic on a daily basis. It would not be shocking if someone was to get injured on rental property if you are the owner of a shopping center or an apartment complex. Doctors are also in harm s way when it comes to legal actions. Clearly, people who


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