How Early Can I Start to Collect a Social Security Benefit?

People often want gratification as soon as they can possibly get it, but in many cases, waiting can provide better results. This enters the picture when it comes to the submission of your Social Security application. There are those who can t wait to start receiving a benefit, and they want to know how soon they can get it. To provide a straightforward answer, if you have earned at least 40 retirement credits while you have been working, you can submit your application for your Social Security benefit when you are as young as 62 years of age. This can be an exciting prospect, especially if you are still going to be working when you are 62. You can receive your Social Security benefit as gravy on top of your salary, right? That would put you in a great position as you look ahead toward your retirement years. This may make sense at first, but there are rules in place that limit the possibilities. If you decide to take an early Social Security benefit when you are 62, there is a limit to


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