How Is My Last Will Handled After I Die?

The process of estate administration is something to take into consideration when you are devising your estate plan. Executing legal documents can seem like the long and short of it, but there is a human element. Someone has to make your wishes come to fruition after you pass away. If you use a last will as the centerpiece of your estate plan, this person would be the executor or executrix. An executor is a male estate administrator, and an executrix is a female. We will use the term executor here for the sake of simplicity. You may envision the executor reading the last will to interested parties, with monetary distributions coming shortly thereafter. In fact, this is not the way that it works. When a last will is used as a vehicle of asset transfer, it must be admitted to probate. During probate, the court supervises the administration of the estate. This is not inherently negative in any way, and probate does provide certain protections. At the same time, this process is not always


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