Do Most Elders Require Nursing Home Care?

As you are going through life as a capable person, the concept of living assistance can seem irrelevant. Of course you are aware of the fact that some elders do require nursing home care, but you may assume that you will always be able to handle your activities of daily living. This could be especially true if you have taken good care of yourself throughout your life. It can be a sobering reality to confront, but in fact, most senior citizens will eventually need long-term care of some kind or another, and many will ultimately require nursing home care. There is a very informative website that you may want to visit if you are serious about preparing for the future called The site is maintained by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. According to this government maintained website, no less than 70 percent of people who are reaching the age of 65 on any given day will eventually need long-term care. Clearly, as you get older, it becomes more likel


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