Do I Need a Lawyer to Create a Last Will?

Any time you are going to execute a legally binding document, you would do well to speak with a lawyer. This can seem like an overstatement of the obvious, and for many years, it certainly was. However, now that we are all plugged into the Internet, you see websites that sell generic, boilerplate legal documents. They often contend that a lawyer is really not necessary. Is this the truth? For an answer, you may want to look at some research that was conducted by the highly respected magazine Consumer Reports back in 2012. They decided to look into the subject, and they got three of their staffers to use online tools that were provided by three of the major purveyors of generic legal documents. The researchers created three different last wills. The magazine researchers wanted independent experts to examine the wills to see if they were in fact valid. There were no particular expectations. For all they knew, the wills would be perfectly acceptable. The point was to find out the true fa


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