Will Medicare Pay for Long-Term Care?

The matter of long-term care is one of the most pressing elder law issues of our day. We will look at long-term care expenses in this post, and we will also examine the limitations of the Medicare program. Medicare Many people are confident about their ability to handle medical expenses in the future because they will qualify for Medicare coverage. Medicare is a government health insurance program, and you pay into it when you are paying FICA taxes throughout your working career. You get four retirement credits for every $1200 that you earn in 2014. It is possible to accumulate as many as four retirement credits in a year. This is the maximum annual accrual, regardless of how much you earn. Once you have 40 credits, you will qualify for Medicare when you reach the age of 65. This program will be of great assistance, but it does not cover everything. There are out-of-pocket expenses to contend with for covered services, and there is one enormous hole in the coverage. Medicare does not


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