What Are Advance Directives for Health Care?

You address events that will take place after you pass away when you plan your estate. This is rather self-evident, but a holistic estate plan will take things a step further. Preparing for the things that may occur before you pass away is also part of the equation. If you think about it objectively, people do not typically pass away after having been in good health for the period of time leading up to their passing. Clearly, this is not a very pleasant thing to consider, but it is a fact of life nonetheless. Incapacity prior to death is not uncommon, and a well constructed estate plan will address this possibility through the creation of legal documents called advance directives for health care. A living will is one advance directive that everyone should have in place. This type of will is used to record preferences with regard to life-sustaining measures. Things like feeding tubes and mechanical respiration can be used to keep people alive indefinitely under some circumstances, even


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