What Is a Self-Proving Last Will?

You have probably heard of the estate planning document called a last will or last will and testament. Though this document can seem like a simple device to execute, you should understand the fact that the process of estate administration does not take place in a vacuum. Someone has to administer the estate after you pass away. This person is called the executor or estate representative. The executor handles the business of the estate, but the administration of the estate is supervised by the probate court. After you die, the will must be admitted to probate, and this process must run its course before the heirs to the estate can receive their inheritances. During probate there is a proving of the will. The court examines the will to determine its validity. This process can be more expedient if the will is a self-proving will. In the state of Connecticut, in order for a will to be valid, it must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are competent adults. It could potentially


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