When Does a Living Trust Terminate?

The revocable living trust is a widely utilized estate planning device. When you hear about the advantages that these trusts can provide, you may come to the conclusion that you may want to use a living trust instead of a last will. You have more flexibility when you use a revocable living trust, because you can stipulate terms when you create the trust agreement. Because of this, you can leave instructions that the trustee must follow, and you have the ability to allow for partial distributions on a long-term basis. While you are living, you continue to control the trust, so you still have access to the resources. You even have the power to revoke the trust if this is your choice. If you were to use a will instead of a trust, the will would be admitted to probate after your passing. This is a legal process that provides oversight, but it can be time-consuming and expensive. When a living trust has been established, the trustee can distribute assets in a timely and efficient manner ou


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