Is Incapacity Planning Really Important?

Estate planning is often thought of as a purely financial endeavor. Without question, you must facilitate smooth and efficient asset transfers when you are planning your estate. However, incapacity planning is also an important piece of the puzzle. Why would you have any reason to believe that you will ever become incapacitated? This is not a very pleasant subject to contemplate, but when you know the facts, you can see why incapacity planning is important. Alzheimer s Disease There are various different causes of incapacity, and some of them are purely physical. Late in your life you may become unable to communicate, and short of this you may not be able to get around very well. This is one type of incapacity that can strike. There is also the matter of mental incapacity. Alzheimer s disease is a very big threat to elder Americans. If you want to learn about Alzheimer s disease, you may want to visit the Alzheimer s Association website. This website provides a great deal of good info


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