Can Medicaid Take My Home?

When you plan ahead for retirement, you probably think about the active, golden years. This period of time can be quite enjoyable if you take the right steps along the way. At the same time, you should also consider the twilight years that will follow. According to a government agency, a significant majority of senior citizens will eventually need help with their day-to-day needs. Medicare will not pay for long-term care, but Medicaid will cover these costs if you can qualify. In this post we will provide some facts about Medicaid planning and Medicaid recovery. Measured Divestitures Medicaid is a need-based program. There are income and asset limits that you must stay within if you want to qualify for coverage. You could give away assets to qualify for Medicaid. Many people essentially give their children inheritances in advance. It would be logical to take a wait-and-see approach. You could hold on to your assets and give them your children if and when you find out that you need lon


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